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I came to Tom Kramer with some issues that seemed rather hopeless to me. The first session I had gave me hope that he could help me by the immediate knowledge, compassion and encouragement he showed. Tom clearly demonstrates an understanding of how the body works. Along with his years of experience doing Physical Therapy, my body quickly responded to his care and counsel. He equipped me to take charge of my progress toward recovery by giving me posture exercises and goals. I cannot say enough about the outstanding and professional services Tom Kramer offers. He literally changed my life.

– Marlene Z

Tom has been absolutely outstanding. I was dealing with calf pain for over three months due to running and was out of commission for awhile. I did physical therapy and though it would feel better it would only feel better for about a day. I was already working with Dr. Brennan on my back when he referred me to Tom. I’ve been working with Tom for the last two months and I’m just about back to normal. He was very upfront on what he was going to do to help me and help me understand what was causing my pain. I love to exercise and I was almost to a point before Tom where it was not possible. He’s been very professional and his knowledge does not go unnoticed. I would highly recommend him to people and I have already. He has been terrific and I can’t thank him enough for his effort to get me back and running. Once again I highly recommend Tom if you are struggling and can’t seem to get the results you are seeking.

– Greg S.

I highly recommend Tom Kramer and Orthopedic Massage Professionals. I was living with pain and restricted movement in my arm and shoulder from an injury that happened 15 years ago. Thanks to Tom, I now have considerably less pain and more flexibility/movement. Tom is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. He listens. He’ll take your lead and address whatever area is bothering you the most. Throughout the session, he explains what he is doing and why. Tom is a gentleman and respects your privacy. The treatment room is clean and “zen-like” with soothing music and low lighting. He’s very accommodating with scheduling appointments, too.

– Susan H.

Tom Kramer did outstanding work on me while I was dealing with some serious hip, leg, and back pain. The techniques used and the knowledge he imparted during each session was very helpful in getting me to a recovery point where I was able to get my life back on track. Excellent!

– Dave S.

Tom is an essential key for me to enjoy my active lifestyle! I am forced to sit all day at my job which causes pain and aches in my hips. Tom’s technique to massage/apply pressure to specific areas around the hips helps to release tightness from sitting. This allows me to enjoy daily activities like weight training and yoga. Tom is professional and also shares his knowledge giving me exercises to do at home to reduce pain. I highly recommend Tom if you have pain from sitting!

– Mandi M.

Tom discussed the issues/pain I was having in my shoulder, neck and back. We discussed a plan which included exercises. As he was doing therapy/massage, he explained everything he was going to do and how it would help. Within a day or two my pain had subsided immensely. After two visits I no longer have the pain that I was dealing with for months. Tom is very professional, friendly and an expert in his field!!!

– Lydia H.

When treating a patient in physical therapy, there are cases when a referral to a licensed massage therapist is warranted in order comprehensively address deficits and achieve patient goals. I feel very confident referring patients to Tom Kramer for treatment. Tom is a unique practitioner in that he also is a licensed physical therapist assistant. His versatile background allows for extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. I trust his skillset and have confidence in the treatment that he provides. 

– Jennifer McNamara, DPT

Tom is very professional, and always puts clients’ needs first. He has a great medical mind and is able to tailor each treatment session to the individual based on their body impairments.

– Brittany Pfautz DPT, PT

I had the pleasure of personally working with Tom while I was a PT student. He was working at as a PTA in one of my clinical affiliations. He is knowledgeable and personable, the combination that helps you grow while also making you comfortable with that growth. As a clinician, I have patients that are no longer in need of formal therapy but would still benefit from massage. I trust Tom’s clinical knowledge and thorough evaluations, and the patients I have directed to him have all expressed their satisfaction with his service. For these reasons, I continue to direct my patients toward his care.

– Clay Heebner DPT, PT